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The Grace is Divine

Nathdwara is a small town in Rajasthan and the nearest Airport is Udaipur.

Shrinathji moved to Nathdwara in 1672 from North India. Shrinathji is not an image but a living deity hence where he dwells is not a temple but a Haveli. The Haveli has many paintings , murals and pichvals.

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Shri Yamunaji Maharaniji

Shri Yamuna is the fourth element after Shrinathji. She is the fourth Swamini. She is the daughter of Surya (Sun) and sister of Yam. She is the symbol of Mukti from the evils of Yam and light..

Shri Vallabhacharya

Shri Vallabhacharya was not only a Saint but a great philosopher and he was the founder of Pushti Marg. Both philosophy and religion are the steps to Reality ie God.